Stanton is a third generation photographer and Director specializing in cross-platform campaigns. The perspectives and observations he gained from growing up in Missouri and Texas before eventually landing in Seattle are part of what makes his work unique. His photo series “Color is Everything” was featured as a solo show at the Seattle Museum of Art. Some of his more well-known commercial clients include Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, PizzaHut, Acer, and Vanguard. In 2019 he was named in the top 10 Seattle lifestyle photographers by Peerspace. In 2018 he joined the board of the Kikulu foundation, a nonprofit which helps educate children in Uganda. This organization and the experiences that come from its work have helped shape Stanton's photography in scope, subject, and awareness. Most recently his personal work focuses on the multigenerational narratives in American families and how that defines our national identity. 




Send portfolio requests to: stanton@stantonjstephens.com
phone: (940) 230.3003

Seattle Lifestyle Photographers

Stanton is a Seattle Commercial photographer who works with advertising agencies around the country. His work is defined by the relationship he has with his subjects. Stanton comes from three generations of Seattle portrait photographers.

Seattle Editorial Photographers:

As an editorial and portrait photographer, Stanton works with magazines from the U.S. and Europe. The relationship Stanton develops with his subjects brings a unique eye to his editorial photography and his disarming approach brings out the real character of his subjects.

Seattle Photographers:

Stanton Stephens is among the leading Seattle commercial photographers and photographs anything from large productions to small intimate affairs. Stanton's craft and professionalism is unparalleled bringing high energy to his lifestyle photography for magazines and corporations around the world.

It was something from which I ran away. My father was a portrait photographer. My grandfather was a portrait photographer. I didn’t want to be stuck in the small farm town I grew up in so I went away to college and studied painting. So much of my approach as a Seattle editorial photographer comes out of that period.

Ask me ten years ago if I would become a Seattle lifestyle photographer and I would have said no. Seattle was nowhere on my radar. But then I got here. I walked these streets and ventured onto the ferries. It gripped me. Being one of Seattle commercial photographers takes me to a lot of places but Seattle is home.

Seattle Portrait Photographers:

I have been a Seattle portrait photographer for several years now. The opportunity for environmental portraits are limitless here. Be it the urban landscape of downtown or the natural paradise just outside of the city there is nowhere better to be a portrait photographer. Photographing celebrity business leaders such as Jeff Bezos or sports figures like DeMarco Murray is one of my favorite things to do. Working with people at the top of their craft is both gratifying and makes for fascinating conversation. It is a great privilege to work in a creative field. Lots of very good artists attempt to make a living in the medium they love but are fraught with compromises. I started as an oil painter. This has informed me as a portrait photographer tremendously. After years of painting from my photographs I realized artistically I was satisfied after the photograph was finished. And after a lifetime of being around photographers I realized for the first time that I could in fact be one. The more I did it the more I loved it.

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